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Jason Steele, Expert Witness in Florida Real Estate Cases, Former Director of Division of Real Estate, and Appraising for State of Florida, served under Governor Jeb Bush

Jason Steele has provided expert witness testimony in Florida Courts since 1990. ( See CV under About Me) Jason is a former State Representative, and served on the Florida Real Estate Commission for 8 years, Steele presided on over 3,500 Real Estate cases as a Quasi-Judicial member of the Commission. Jason is  a very qualified  expert witness, and has not been disqualified in either Federal, or Circuit Court.
Jason Steele has a variety of skills that can assist financial institutions or other lenders in dealing with troubled assets.  Jason has capabilities which enable him to be an effective and efficient receiver, conservator or liquidator of real property of any nature. He has experienced personnel who have a strong background in managing commercial, industrial and residential properties.

The experience and reputation of Jason Steele  enable him to react quickly and effectively to meet the needs of lenders in managing, maintaining, operating and liquidating troubled assets.

When loans are defaulted upon, lenders often must react quickly to secure those assets in order to avoid deterioration in value of those assets. That frequently requires a firm which can take custody of the asset, cause it to be repaired and maintained in a cost effective manner and then managed in a competent, responsible manner designed to gain maximum income from the asset while it is being liquidated.

If you need an expert witness to testify in your case, call Jason Steele at 321-258-8993


 447 Kimberly Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32940




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